Historical people of interest and the events that have made them famous


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Kate Meyrick - Queen of the Nightclubs

London developed a lively nightclub scene in the 1920s, with a diminutive Irish woman at the heart of it  more  

Alfred Harmsworth - The Napoleon of Fleet Street

Whether you like the tabloid press or not, you have one man to thank more than any other for its very existence  more  

Sybil Ludington - An American Hero

Paul Revere is famous for riding through the night to warn American rebels about approaching British troops. But less is known about Sybil Ludington, a teenage girl who replicated ...  more  

William Joyce - A British Traitor

Commonly known as 'Lord Haw-Haw' because he put on a posh accent, William Joyce infected British airwaves with Nazi propaganda during the Second World War  more  

Josephine Baker

Performer, activist and military spy. Just a few of the labels that could be attributed to one extraordinary woman  more  

Mithridates of Pontus

You've heard of Hannibal. You may have heard of Vercingetorix. But you probably haven't heard of Rome's other great enemy, who threatened to halt their early expansion...  more  

Ragnar Lothbrok

The legendary Norse warrior who led some of the first Viking raids on northern Europe  more  

Wild Bill Hickok - A Real Wild West Icon

Tales of the wild west are often invented or exaggerated, but not in the case of one journeyman...  more  

Neville Heath - The Golden Haired Killer

Tall, handsome and charismatic, Neville Heath seduced his victims with expensive dates and tales about his wartime heroics as a fighter pilot before subjecting them to horrific ass...  more  

Mary Read and Anne Bonny - Female Pirates of the Caribbean

Before the golden age of piracy ended in 1720, there was just enough time for these two murderous women to stalk the seas around the Caribbean  more