Historical people of interest and the events that have made them famous


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Tsutomu Yamaguchi - The Man Who Survived Two Atomic Bombs

Being caught in one atomic bomb attack is bad luck. To be caught in a second attack a few days later is catastrophic luck. To survive both? That's the luck of Tsutomu Yamaguchi...  more  

A Tribute to Michael Brooks, 1983-2020

The podcaster and YouTube host died suddenly this week at the age of 36. Though his primary focus was politics and ours is history, we still saw him as an inspiration and have take...  more  

Ching Shih - From Poverty to Pirate

Born into poverty and forced to work in a brothel, this formidable woman became the leader of the largest pirate fleet in the world, even bending the Emperor of China to her will  more  

The Harpe Brothers - America's First Serial Killers

Two Scottish brothers stalked the wild western frontiers at the end of the 18th century, slaughtering their victims not to survive or to gain financially, but for the pure thrill o...  more  

Bessie Coleman - The First Black Woman to Fly

A gentle teasing from her brother made Bessie Coleman determined to become a pilot, but she would have to overcome white supremacy and patriarchy in order to get there  more  

Annie Kenney - The Overlooked Suffragette

Standing alongside the famous Pankhurst women in the crucial days of the women's suffrage movement was a working-class girl who has not been as well remembered as her colleagues   more  

Kate Meyrick - Queen of the Nightclubs

London developed a lively nightclub scene in the 1920s, with a diminutive Irish woman at the heart of it  more  

Alfred Harmsworth - The Napoleon of Fleet Street

Whether you like the tabloid press or not, you have one man to thank more than any other for its very existence  more  

Sybil Ludington - An American Hero

Paul Revere is famous for riding through the night to warn American rebels about approaching British troops. But less is known about Sybil Ludington, a teenage girl who replicated ...  more  

William Joyce - A British Traitor

Commonly known as 'Lord Haw-Haw' because he put on a posh accent, William Joyce infected British airwaves with Nazi propaganda during the Second World War  more