Historical people of interest and the events that have made them famous


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Five Facts About St George

Did he slay a dragon? Was he even English? To mark St George's day, here's five things you might not have known about England's patron saint  more  

Five Facts About Saint Patrick

Everyone knows about St. Patrick's Day, but how much do you know about the man behind the myth?  more  

Nell Gwyn

The chirpy Londoner who charmed her way into the court and affections of King Charles II  more  

The Controversy of John Brown

John Brown was hated and admired in equal measure for his militant campaigns against slavery in the mid-19th century. Donna Catapano (@Ms_Catapano) explains how, over 160 years sin...  more  

Alice the Vicious

The Welsh-Norman servant girl who slaughtered 70 men in one afternoon  more  

Annie Edson Taylor - American Daredevil

The larger than life woman who hurtled over the edge of Niagara falls in a barrel - What else would you do to celebrate your 63rd birthday?   more  

Odysseus - Ancient Greece's Greatest Hero

War hero, dazzling intellect, seducer of goddesses - is there anything Odysseus couldn't do?   more  

Michael Collins

The Irish revolutionary who shot to prominence in his 20s as the antagoniser-in-chief of the British Empire, but was eventually felled by his own countrymen  more  

Emily Hobhouse

A modest Cornwall woman caused a storm in early 20th Century Britain with her crusade against one of her nation's more dubious creations - concentration camps  more  

Amy Dillwyn - The Forgotten Feminist

The late 19th and early 20th Century saw the rise to prominence of numerous feminist heroes. But you'd be hard pushed to find many people who have heard of Amy Dillwyn, the Welsh i...  more