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We are passionate about shedding light on lesser known historical figures along with supplying new information regarding established historical characters. By placing a strong emphasis on the individual in our articles, we hope to paint a more intimate, engaging account of figures from the past, shedding light on details often ignored by traditional academic sources. Instead of simply educating, The Ministry of History aims to invoke a feeling of mutual passion about a particular subject, encouraging our audience to delve deeper into a certain topic. 

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Our History

Having always loved history at school and studied the subject at university, we never lost our passion for reading and writing about the past. Even after taking up regular jobs, the desire to bury ourselves in interesting history remained as strong as ever.

To engage with history is to interact with an incalculable array of events, small and major, that paint a truly mesmerising picture. There is nothing more limitless – more packed with possibility – than history. We are determined to share a small slice of it with you.

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About The Ministry of History

The Ministry of History produces historical stories and events worth blogging about, taking a different approach to that of academic sources. While the latter focuses on popular figures of history, viewing the past as a series of broad socio-economic processes, we prefer to view history at the level of the individual.

This entails finding less popular characters of the past and examining the minor details, from the way a person looks to the weather on the day of a particular event.

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We write history articles that are highly descriptive, engaging, and easy for the reader to connect with. Through providing informative yet personalised history articles on figures of the past we aim to provoke the reader into taking an interest in something new.

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 History Blog in UK and Europe


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