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Britain's Best Historical Destinations

Even if you don't manage to get abroad this year, you can still get your history fix on these interesting and ancient islands.  more  

Britain's Identity Crisis

Covid, and the economic havoc it brought, will pass one day. Britain's real crisis is with its identity.  more  

The Highland Clearances

A brutal attempt to wipe out an entire culture and displace thousands of people, and how it can be linked to modern Scottish nationalism   more  

The Hammersmith Murders

At least six, but probably eight, women lost their lives to a cruel and sadistic killer who stalked west London's suburbs in the 1960s. Despite a huge police investigation, 'Jack t...  more  

A Brief History of Presidential Inaugurations

On Wednesday, 20th January 2021, Joseph R Biden Jr. will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States. Which aspects of the day will be new, and which are dictated by ...  more  

2020 - What Can We Compare It To?

The strangest year in living memory is coming to an end...but how unprecedented has it really been?  more  

Henry Wainwright and the Murder of Harriet Lane

Henry Wainwright had a successful business and a family. He also had a terrible secret...  more  

Three Men, Three Murders, Three Funerals

On Monday, 25th November 1963, three funerals are held in America. They are held for three men whose fates had tragically intertwined in Dallas over the previous few days  more  

The Closest Presidential Elections of the Last Century

With the 2020 election just one week away, here's a look at the closest and most controversial presidential elections of the last 100 years  more  

Why History?

A short piece on why I love history - and why you should too!  more