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Black Britons That History Forgot

A list of just some of the black people who arrived on these shores before 1900 and found huge success  more  

The Cato Street Conspiracy

Just decades after the American and French revolutions, rebellious fervour was in the air in Britain. In February 1820, a group of British radicals came close to pulling off an aud...  more  

The Daring Escape of Charles II

Life was not always so cheery for the 'Merry Monarch', who spent six weeks on the run from the people who killed his father  more  

'Treated Like a Gentleman by Gentlemen' - The IRA and Their Favourite Prisoner

When a British officer was kidnapped by the IRA in 1920, he probably expected to be executed. What followed was a comic tale of poker, whiskey and an unlikely friendship  more