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Does International Sport Perform the Function that War used to?

A short piece on a pet theory of mine as Euro 2024 kicks off...  more  

Edward Montague and the Restoration - Guest Post

Edward Montague, 1st Earl of Sandwich, was an English admiral who was influential in the restoration of the Stuart monarchy. In researching his new book, guest poster John Hawkins ...  more  

Was Britain Heading for Civil War Before the First World War Broke Out?

This week in 1914, Britain entered the First World War. The reasons for doing so have been debated for over a century, but did the Home Rule crisis in Ireland mean that Britain was...  more  

The Dutch Attack on England

In 1667 the Dutch Republic launched an audacious attack on Chatham, destroying the English navy and capturing King Charles' flagship  more  

Three Emperors: Three Cousins, Three Empires and the Road to World War One by Miranda Carter

A fascinating insight into the complex world of pre-war European royalty and the minds of three of its most prominent members  more  

The Tour de Nesle Affair

An affair between two French princesses and two Norman knights caused one of medieval Europe's biggest scandals  more  

The Matchgirls Strike of 1888

One of Victorian Britain's most dangerous jobs was performed by women who received little respect...or pay. Danielle Burton (@PrincessBurton) discusses how a group of these working...  more  

Who Killed Freddie Mills?

One of the most famous faces in Britain was found dead outside his Soho nightclub this week in 1965. The official verdict was suicide, but that is disputed to this day  more  

How an Opera Started a Revolution...and Created a Country

A riot that began at an Opera house quickly spread across the local region. Within days, a revolution was in full swing. Within months, a whole new country was born  more  

Forget the 'New Cold War'. 2021 is more like 1901

Labelling the current US-China relationship as a 'new cold war' is tempting, but is there not a better historical analogy we can draw?  more