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The Mysterious Lost Colony on Roanoke Island

In August 1590, an Englishman staggered onto the shores of Roanoke Island to see what had become of the colony he had left behind. But anyone who had been there was long gone and h...  more  

The Kennedy Curse

America's most famous family has suffered so many tragedies that many believe a curse hangs over them  more  

The Great Fire of London

London's burning! A fire raged for four days and destroyed most of the old city - but allowed it to grow again as a greater city  more  

The Glorious Revolution of 1688 - The Last Successful Invasion of Britain

Why is the UK officially Protestant? In large part because of a group of powerful Lords in the late 17th century  more  

The French Revolution

France was the cultural centre of the world in the 18th century, but in the last decade of that century it witnessed a turbulent, violent and inspirational movement  more  

The Battle of Hastings

The battle that made modern England and the modern English language  more  

The Curious Death of Amy Robsart

A murder mystery that reaches right the heart of royalty, discover the thrilling story of the murder of Amy Robsart  more  

Turpin's Reign of Terror

Discover the life and crimes of Richard 'Dick' Turpin - The most famous highwayman in English history.   more  

The Burke and Hare Murders

In an age where curiosity about the human body meant that ‘gravedigging’ fresh corpses from their resting places was a common and lucrative trade, the two men had decided to produc...  more  

The Gunpowder Plot

Remember, Remember, The Fifth Of November... Discover a story of religious strife, treason and how an act of terrorism influenced a modern day British day of celebration!  more